Reflection about the AMAL journey

I am Daneyal Mumtaz, sitting on the chair of my study room in an environment of pin-drop silence, when thinking about Daneyal’s version of 11 weeks before now, my heart is filled with a sense of gratitude as well as self-confidence. I consider this journey one of the most productive and prestigious journeys of my life.

Fast forward to today, 11 weeks later, I can proudly say that one of the most important things that AMAL has taught me is “Think out of the box and develop a growth mindset”

Think outside the Box

As a student from an engineering background, I was completely blank about the power and influence of soft skills. I was a person who has very low-quality soft skills in both communication and business writing domains. I was a rigid mindset person and developed ideas after doing any task, this is the perfect thing and there is no room for improvement in my work. But these most productive 11 weeks introduced me to several great life lessons about the world of progress and development, and I also absorbed these lessons in my personality and consider those negative thoughts may become the hurdle of my success.

I got to learn to think out of the box at every step of the Amal journey. Whether the online courses, weekly sessions, weekly PW’s, or the mega-project working, every activity compelled me to think out of the box, learn new things, respect other people’s opinions, and try to listen to their views. In this fellowship, nearly every task and assignment was an assignment about which I never think about before enrolling in this program, specifically a session activity in which sir Zaki assign a task to every member to meet the 9 dots with 4 lines without lifting a pencil while connecting the dots. So this activity had a profound effect on my mind.

Previously I was the person who devoted himself to academic activities, crammed books and got good grades was my ultimate goal. But this journey taught me the real essence of Iqbal’s verse:

sitaron se aage jahan aur bhi hain
abhi ishq ke imtihan aur bhi hain

At the time when the circles are supposed to submit their mega-project proposals then I was completely nervous and evaluated my own self that: I never think about this domain as well as completely blank about such type of ideas at the very initial moments. But after that, learning about the growth mindset, and discussing with members of the circle I calmed myself down and brainstormed the ideas which could be possible in that COVID crisis.

When I have to face this idea proposal phase, then I am starting to discuss the possible ideas in my friend circle and take their views which also helped me a lot to reach substantial ideas. After that time whenever we start chatting in a friendly environment I always share my thoughts and strategies related to our mega project as well as PW’s task. So, in that way, the course of debate between my friend has been completely changed after that journey. One of my friends also categorically mentioned while discussing an idea, “Daneyal has completely changed regard their interest”. Then I replied to that friend after quoting the following quote:

I consider this AMAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM should be a flagship program completely sponsored as well as compulsory for every university and college student.