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Plastic Mask Pollution

Plastic pollution in Pakistan was already at its peak, when COVID outbreak started worsening it in the beginning of 2020. No doubt, plastic products have played a significant role in saving people by providing protective equipment but at the same time due to the lack of awareness among people regarding waste segregation, and non-existence of proper waste disposal system by government, large amounts of ‘used plastic face masks’ end up on streets and eventually oceans, which kills thousands of marine animals and also poses a health hazard to municipal workers”.

Need of Stake Holder:
In that situation the each and every person who is living on this earth is the stakeholder towards this problem. The need of stakeholder is that they want a pollution free environment where they and there descedants live their lives safely.

Reasons and Ideal States:

Production of plastic mask:
I think the production of the plastic mask should minimize upto possible level.Ideal state is that there will be no production of plastic mask. We should use cloth fabric mask.

Lack of Awareness about the plastic pollution:
The people are not know about that this plastic is creating pollution in our environment. Ideal state is that people should have to understand the need of hour and try to resolve this issue.

No Action at the State Level:
There are no steps to control this pollution at the state as well as on the individual level. Ideal state is that state should take the responsibility to dispose off these plastic mask according to standard guidelines issued by World Health Organization.

Theory of Change:

There is a lot of mask plastic pollution around us if we are able to minimize or eliminate this pollution then there will be less emission of carbon dioxide, water will be clean in our rivers as well as in canals and able to use for drinking purposes, it will also make our food more safer and we will enjoy clean air.

Business Model Canvas:

Key Partners:

· Investor

· Plastic Recyclers/Manufacturers

· Transport company

· Labour

Key Activities:

· Collect the waste

· Reuse (prolonged use)

· Remanufacture (Product redesigning)

· Recycle and disposal

Value Preposition:

There could be three type of value preposition:

· Environmental:
Less budget on health, aesthetic value, rational waste management

· Economic:
Real plastic market, auxiliary businesses, job creation. Waste management and energy savings

· Social:
Improved quality of life. (Less plastic pollution in the drinking water)

Consumer Segment:

· Various consumer segments: — manufacturers — entrepreneurs

· Players of industrial symbiosis

· Using sharing platforms where the products and services are shared among customers

Revenue Stream:

· Cost saving attributable to use of recyclable material flow

· Diversification in circular products and materials

· Government support or some other NGO sponsorship.

Educate Underprivileged children living in Slums

I live in a village located under the administrative division Sahiwal, Punjab. There are a lot of slums outside of my town where a huge number of people live with their families without the basic human rights which are supposed to provide by the state to their people. I empathized with their deprivation and fully determined to try my best to present a remedy to their plight in the context of their children’s quality education.

To achieve this noble goal I visit the slums and talk to their residents and come to know their problem related to their child’s education in both aspects either it is a matter of secular or religious education.

Need of the Stakeholder:

The stakeholder wants their children get a quality education.


School’s Location too far from their Houses

Poor Quality of education in government as well as in private school

After Schooling, children have no guidance about their School Home Work

Lack of interest in parents about the education of their children

Lack of awareness about the needs of these children among the donors

Theory of change:

“Due to the absence of quality education structure in their slum vicinity and the lack of awareness about the importance of Education towards children parents cause to stay this segment of society in the darkness of ignorance as well as in the circle of poverty. If we are able to remove this darkness from their huts then they will come out of the circle oof poverty as well as their descedents will come to know about the importance of Education.”

Business Model Canvas:

Key Partners:

· Regional Company Sponsers

· Educational Institues

Key Activities:

· Teaching

· Organizing

· Coordination

Value Preposition:

· Decrease in poverty

· Increase in literacy rate

Consumer Segment:

· Students

Revenue Stream:

· Student Fee

· Sponsored Money




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