Educate Underprivileged children living in Slums

Daneyal Mumtaz
4 min readApr 9, 2021


I live in a village located under the administrative division Sahiwal, Punjab. There are a lot of slums outside of my town where a huge number of people live with their families without the basic human rights which are supposed to provide by the state to their people. I empathized with their deprivation and fully determined to try my best to present a remedy to their plight in the context of their children’s quality education.

To achieve this noble goal I visit the slums and talk to their residents and come to know their problem related to their child’s education in both aspects either it is a matter of secular or religious education.

When I talked to people who are the residents of that slums they put before me a bundle of problems related to Education. I want to mention here a summary of their opinions related to their deprivation about their child’s future.

· School’s Location too far from their Houses:
The government, as well as Private Schools, is located 8km away from their house. So, it is a big challenge for their children (Boys and Girls) from 8 to 16 years old to reach their schools every morning without any transport facility.

· Poor Quality of education in government as well as in private school:
There is only a single primary government School where the teacher is mostly absent and do not show any concern about the children’s future, One of the slum ladies also mentioned that there is also not proper teaching staff in a private school which is also present in their 8km vicinity.

· After Schooling, children have no guidance about their School Home Work:

There is no one to provide them TUITION once they return from school because their parents are very poor and illiterate. NO one can help them in their HOMEWORK and asking a 5–6 years old child to do his homework without any assistant is a mockery of the entire education system.

I also want to mention here my personal opinion and observation after visiting that slum site:

· Lack of interest in parents about the education of their children:
Most of the time children are also not coming to schools regularly because their parents are illiterate and a school teacher cannot go often to their houses to call them.

· Lack of awareness about the needs of these children among the donors:
The children living in slums with their parents are not orphans and this is their biggest mistake. In this world, an orphan can get free food, education, etc, but poor children with their parents can not get it easily. The reason is people think that it is the duty of their parents (Poor). Orphanage in the cities is overflowing with genuine donations, but these poor children are not getting even basic education as well as two-time standard meal.

Problem Statement:

“Due to the absence of quality education structure in their slum vicinity and the lack of awareness about the importance of Education towards children parents cause to stay this segment of society in the darkness of ignorance as well as in the circle of poverty.”

The pattern I follow for this research is that:

1st of all I empathize with their deprivation and intended to help them. Because each and every idea needs a firm intention to come to this substantial world.

In the 2nd step, I prepare a list of questions that I have to ask them to come to know about the existing problem.

In the 3rd step, I move to that slum site and ask them those questions which I have already prepared.

In the 4th step, I analyze the complete scenario and try to understand the causes of these problems.

Benefits after this Experience:

The very 1st benefit I felt in myself after this visit is a sense of gratitude in myself.

2nd one is that: this activity compels me to think out of the box to understand the hour of need. And I also come to know about problems which exist in my nearby societies.